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Research in Encoding And Decoding of
Neural Ensembles

Nomikos Conference Centre
Santorini, Greece
25-29 June 2014
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Schedule Release Policy

It might seem unusual that while we do publish a list of speakers and moderators, we do not publish the detailed session and poster schedule before the meeting, unlike nearly every other conference. This page explains the reasoning behind our long-standing policy.

To encourage participants to attend the entire event, the detailed schedule is not announced until the start of the conference, at the Welcome Reception. Releasing the schedule beforehand would encourage attendees to come-and-go quickly; such transience discourages participation. By not pre-publishing the schedule, we ensure that attendees stay for the entire conference and have time to build familiarity with other participants. Familiarity in turn promotes interaction, discussion, and unusually high levels of engagement. We want you, as an AREADNE participant, to be fully present at the conference, rather than ensconsed in your hotel room working on your presentation. Full participation is the foundation on which we have built a forum with the highest levels of discourse, and where lasting professional relationships are established.

Relatedly, the astute student of scheduling minutae might have noticed a pattern in the poster sessions at early AREADNE meetings. Please be aware that the method for session assignment changed with the 2012 conference, making it no longer possible to estimate which day a given poster will be presented.

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