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Nomikos Conference Centre
Santorini, Greece
28 June – 2 July 2022
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Hotel Information

Arcing Path The Petros M. Nomikos Conference Centre is located in the town of Firá, the main settlement on Santorini, approximately a 10 minute walk from the center of town, and about the same distance from Firostefani. While there is a driveable approach to the Centre, this is not the case for many of the hotels, especially ones on the caldera face. The network of proper roads in the towns is limited, and most communication is along footpaths. The neighboring towns of Firá and Firostefani are no longer distinct so it is difficult at times to tell which you are in (and nothing about the conference depends on it). While it is possible to stay in the towns of Oia or Kamares, that would require driving some distance to and from the conference center each day. Instead we recommend that attendees stay in Firá or Firostefani.

If you have difficulty walking along steep paths, or require wheelchair access, please be sure to inquire about hotel accessibility as you make your reservations. Please be sure to mention this to us via email at early on, and when registering for the conference.

The list of hotels below is not exhaustive, but each has been visited by our local organizers to verify that location and quality is appropriate for the conference. These hotels are all walking distance (5 to 15 minutes) from the Nomikos Conference Centre. Every hotel reception desk will have someone who speaks English. Also, we recommend inquiring if better prices are available. All prices below are in euros (EUR). Because the hotel industry is so competitive in Santorini, it is entirely possible you can find much better rates elsewhere. There are many, many small hotels and pensions in Santorini.

The major determining factor of room price in Santorini is proximity to the caldera face. Hotels will subtly distinguish between a sea view (or sometimes morning view) that usually faces away from the caldera toward the outer Aegean versus a caldera view that faces directly into the caldera (although there are exceptions; if you determine that the hotel is on the caldera face, then "sea view" may mean toward the caldera). When viewing official photographs of a hotel, if stunning views of the caldera are not prominent, then the property likely does not face that direction. There are a few new hotels that are to the south of Firá along the road to Pyrgos that are inexpensive, but a little too far to walk, so it is wise to check the exact location of any hotel you might book. While previously hotel and restaurant locations were somewhat inaccurately depicted on on-line resoures, they appear to have been improved greatly over the last few years. It is still wise to check more than one map to verify exact location.

All of the hotels below are within walking distance of the Nomikos Centre. For a 10-15 minute walk, look for a hotel that is no farther south than the edge of Fira (from where there is a substantial elevation difference to the Nomikos Centre) and no farther north than a little beyond the center of Firostefani. This north-south range approximately matches the orange band along the caldera on a map of Firá that shows the locations of some hotels. Hotels listed below are in that same range.

We have found that and are excellent sites to arrange accommodations. Many of the properties below offer discounted pre-paid or non-cancellable rates. It is highly recommended to verify a booking placed on-line directly by phone or email with the hotel. It is also sometimes possible to get a better rate by going directly to the hotels, especially if you are a repeat customer.


Category A

Homeric Poems
tel +30-22860-24661, 2, 3, -25025, 6
2022 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included
Double Room EUR 481
Deluxe Double Room EUR 553
Superior Suite EUR 549
Cave Suite EUR 770

tel +30-22860-25496
fax +30-22860-24539,
2022 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included.
Double room (no view) EUR 326
Superior Double Room EUR 384
Junior Suite EUR 462
VIP Suite EUR 514

Nomikos Villas
tel +30-2286-024940,
2022 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included.
Studio (poolside) EUR 210
Apartment (poolside) EUR 250
Superior Studio EUR 320
Superior Suite EUR 738

Manos Small World
tel (summer) +30-22860-22091
tel (winter) +30-22860-24275,
2022 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included.
Junior Suite EUR 275
Superior Suite EUR 336
Family Suite EUR 522

Cliff Side Suites
tel +30-22860-22141
fax +30-22860-22187,
2022 rates from hotel web site
Superior Double EUR 356
Superior Room EUR 500

Santorini Palace Hotel
tel +30-22860-22771, -22781
2022 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included.
Standard Double EUR 256
Superior Double EUR 292

Agali Houses
tel +30-22860-22811
2022 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included.
Double Room EUR 294
Superior Double Room EUR 310
Executive Room EUR 328
Junior Suite EUR 341
Superior Suite EUR 450
Sunset Suite EUR 650

Kalisti Thera Hotel
tel +30-22860-22317
2022 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included.
Double Room EUR 297
Deluxe Room EUR 332
Luxury Suite EUR 392
Executive Suite EUR 431
Elegant Suite EUR 471
Prestige Suite EUR 707

Dana Villas
tel +30-22860-22566
2022 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included.
Deluxe Room EUR 479
Junior Suite EUR 513
Superior Suite EUR 566
Superior Villa EUR 661
Cave Pool Suite EUR 783
Superior Pool Villa EUR 1175

Cosmopolitan Suites
tel +30-22860-25632
2022 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included.
Cosmo Suite EUR 786
Cosmopolitan Suite (2 BR) EUR 907
Cosmo Suite EUR 975

Category B

Reverie traditional apartments
tel +30-22860-23322
2020 rates hotel web site.
Mini Standard (double room) EUR 68
Standard (double room) EUR 80
Studio (double studio) EUR 99
Suite (superior studio) EUR 184

Hotel Galini
tel +30-22860-22095
2019 rates from hotel web site, breakfast extra.
Mini Double EUR 234
Superior Double EUR 268
Premier Double EUR 289
Supreme Double EUR 332
Junior Villa EUR 620
Family Villa EUR 750

Vallas Apartments
tel +30-22860-22050, -23520
2020 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included.
Sunrise rooms have a view of the Aegean, sunset rooms have a view of the Caldera, and garden rooms do not have a view of the sea. Vallas has one primary location, and a scattering of apartments at various distances.
Sunrise Apartment EUR 149
Garden Apartment EUR 180
Sunset Apartment EUR 189
Vista Suite EUR 220
Rock Houses facing caldera EUR 315

Kafieris Hotel
tel +30 22860-25759
fax +30 22860-22551,
2022 rates from hotel web site, breakfast included. Be aware that there are multiple properties in Santroini with "Kafieris" in the name, and, even more confusingly, the linked property goes by multiple names as well.
Economy room EUR 222
Standard room EUR 278
Double room EUR 325
Famliy room with view EUR 390

Category C

Gaby Apartments
tel +30-22860-22057; fax +30-22860-22502
Breakfast not included.
Not all rooms face the caldera.
2014 rates: expect adjustments upwards for 2022. Rates available only through inquiry on their web site.
Double room EUR 65
Triple room EUR 78
Room for 4 persons EUR 110

King Thiras Hotel (sometimes spelled King Theras Hotel)
tel +30-22860-23882, -23847; fax +30-22860-22155
Some rooms have sea view (none have caldera view).
2020 rates from, breakfast included.
Single room EUR 60
Double room EUR 75
Triple room EUR 85

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