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JTR Airport

The Santorini airport (IATA code JTR) is quite small despite being an international airport complete with customs and passport control. During departures, the gate areas can be very crowded, and, often multiple flights are leaving in quick succession from each gate. There are no jetways at JTR: passengers are bussed to and from all flights, even if the aircraft is only 10 meters away. During the summer months, many charter flights provide passage along with the scheduled service of Aegean and Olympic Airlines. If you arrive at the airport for a departure and see an impossibly long line snaking outside the terminal, it is probably for a charter flight.

As of 2021, the airport has undergone a significant renovation that doubled the size of the building. While crowding issues have been eased from the shoulder-to-shoulder conditions prior to the expansion, the terminal can still be quite crowded.

This photo, taken when landing just after dawn, shows the tower and terminal building prior to the expansion that has expanded the structure past the right edge of the frame.

JTR Airport

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