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Eliopoulos Conference Center
Milos, Greece
25–29 June 2024
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Recommended Activities

Mining Museum
open 10 AM - 2 PM, 6 PM - 9 PM (closed Mondays)
on main road in Adámas

Visit the Catacombs

Climb to Plaka Castle

Take a boat tour of the island

Cooking classes at Avromilos Restaurant.

Main Beaches

The beaches on Milos are beautiful and varied. They appear on both on the inner bay and around the outside of the island. Below is summary information on a handful of beaches; details and photos are available at Greece Travel Ideas.

Arrays of lounges and umbrellas that appear on many beaches are available for rent. A short while after sitting down, someone will approach you and ask for payment, in cash. Typical rates are EUR 5 to 10 for the day.

Tsigrado Beach, not suitable for children
Firiplaka Beach, narow, pebbly, volcanic cliffs
Provatas Beach, can get crowded, family friendly
Sarakiniko Beach, small, most photographed
Papafragas Caves, stunning, tiny, not suitable for small children
Achivadolimni Beach, longest sandy beach on Milos, shallow, family friendly
Firopotamos Beach, small-pebbled beach, family-friendly, no restaurants
Paleochori Beach, most popular, watersports available
Agia Kyriaki Beach, sand and fine pebbles, no sun beds

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