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Eliopoulos Conference Center
Milos, Greece
25–29 June 2024
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AREADNE 2024 Frequently Asked Questions

As this is now our tenth meeting, we've fielded a fair number of questions over the years. Some of the most frequent ones are answered below.

We strongly encourage anyone interested in attending AREADNE 2024 to read through the conference home page, and have a look at some of the pages linked from there, especially the ones about transportation, hotels, and practical information.

Weren't these meetings on Santorini?

Indeed, they were. As of the 2024 session, we have moved the location of AREADNE Conferences to the island of Milos. We think you will love the beautiful, welcoming and classic Cycladic character of the island.

Did you change the daily schedule?

Yes! As of the 2022 session, we have shifted the Welcome Reception to Tuesday, with scientific presentations Wednesday through Saturday. This moves the whole event earlier one day in the week, to allow participants to travel home on Sunday and have a normal schedule for the following week.

I really just want my grant or company to pay for a trip to Greece, is that OK?

Attending an AREADNE meeting is highly competitive, and there are many potential participants who would gladly make full use of the opportunity for its scientific and academic value. We recommend finding another way to pay for a vacation.

Can I attend only one or two days?

One of the founding principles of the AREADNE Conferences is full participation. We do not offer partial registration, and instead encourage all attendees to engage with all presentations. If you plan to participate for only part of the conference, then it might be best to reconsider a decision to attend.

Can I opt out of lunches to save money?

Again, we emphasize that full participation is a vital aspect of attending an AREADNE meeting. The lunches are considered an integral work event, and as such, are an excellent time to meet new researchers and strengthen old ties. Because of the importance of face-to-face contact, we expect everyone to attend the lunches, and do not offer a discount for registration without meals.

What are the speaker and poster schedules?

We do not publish the speaker or poster schedules until the Welcome Reception, the evening before scientific talks begin. (Why not?) If you are a speaker or poster presenter, please be ready to present before departing for Milos. The over-all schedule can be found midway down the page at .

What is the poster size?

Details for 2024 are given on our poster info page.

Can I print my poster on Milos?

There is only one xerographic shop on Milos, and they do not print posters. Please bring your poster with you.

When should I arrive?

Arrive in plenty of time for the Welcome Reception the evening of Tuesday, 25 June 2024. Intercontinental travelers are encouraged to arrive a day earlier, on 24 June 2024 to allow for travel irregularities and have an extra day for adjusting to the new time zone. We have a full scientific schedule for four days (26 June 2024 through 29 June 2024), so plan to depart no sooner than Sunday, 30 June 2024.

Where should I stay?

In a hotel in Adámas or the area around the Eliopoulos Conference Center. If you are planning on renting a vehicle, it is possible to stay in Plaka, Trypiti, Katifora, or any of the other small villages near Adámas as well. Road traffic is generally light on the island. Please see our list of recommend hotels and a map of the area showing where many hotels are located in relation to the Eliopoulos Conference Center.

What's the best way to get to Milos?

By plane from Athens (ATH) to Milos (MLO) using either Aegean Airlines (flights operated by Olympic Airways) or SKY Express. Also, by boat from Piraeus, the port of Athens. Find more details on our Travel Information page.

When does abstract submission open?

Abstract submission will open on or about 8 January 2024, and will close on 26 January 2024. Instructions for making a submission can be found at our Call for Abstracts page.

Do you accept late abstracts?

Perhaps. Please contact the organizers at as soon as possible, before the submission deadline if you know you will not be able to meet it. We do not accept all submissions, and consideration of two otherwise equivalent abstracts will be biased against one that was submitted late.

My work is molecular, epigenetic, behavioral, etc., is that OK?

The AREADNE meetings concentrate on the interaction between and among neurons at the systems level, rather than the operation of subcellular processes, individual cells, or whole organisims. To fall within the subject matter of the meeting, your results should explain how observations or mechanisms from your field determine the representation of information in neural circuits and ensembles.

I'm senior author on two / three / four posters, can't I attend?
I'm co-first author on a poster, can't we both attend?

AREADNE Conferences are highly oversubscribed. We can offer only one registration spot to each accepted submission, to be used by the presenting author. All other authors are put on a waiting list. We are able to offer only a small handful of registration spots each meeting to those on the waiting list.

When does registration open?

Registration will open on or about 22 March 2024, and will close on 4 June 2024. Please note that those dates are subject to change without notice. Registration will be available through a link near the top of the conference home page, after poster abstract notifications have been sent out. For more than a decade now, registration has been sold out prior to being opened to the public, as all available spots are reserved for poster presenters. If you want to attend, you should submit a poster abstract.

Is it safe to give you my credit card number?

We process payments using the highly secure service from Stripe that is ingenious -- we never actually see your payment information. Our registration page has a widget on it provided by Stripe that allows direct, secure communication from your computer to Stripe, and when the transaction has completed, Stripe informs us that it is OK to proceed. You never actually give us your credit card number: the information gets transmitted to Stripe (and not our server) as a cryptographic token encoded by your web browser on your computer. This widget makes your web browser behave like a credit card machine that you might find at a retail store. Clever, no?

Can I pay my registration fee by bank transfer?

We strongly prefer payment by credit (or debit) card, using the normal registration pages.

Do you allow late registration?

Late registration is possible only if there are spaces available, and would be at the on-site rate. If there are no spots available, then we will be happy to add you to the waiting list. Please go to the conference home page and look for the registration link near the top to register. If the link is not present, then contact the organizers at to make an inquiry. Please understand that we typically sell out and late registrations are not usually available.

Can you invite me to be a speaker?

We will be glad to add your name to the list for consideration, however, only on rare occasion has the organizing committee extended an invitation to a self-nominated speaker. If the meeting web page already shows a list of speakers, then invitations have all been made, and your name would be considered for our next meeting, AREADNE 2026.

Can you write a letter of invitation to get a travel visa?

Yes, if you have already registered, have an accepted poster, or have submitted a poster that looks likely to be accepted. Please contact the organizers at as early as possible.

Can you write a letter of invitation for funding purposes?

Yes, if your poster submission has been accepted, or looks as if it is likely to be accepted. Please contact the organizers at with details.

Do you have travel grants?

It depends on the generosity of our sponsors, and varies from year to year. We typically do not know about travel support until rather late, and thus far, any travel funds have been on a reimbursement basis. When information is available, details will be posted at our Scholarships and Travel Grants page.

Can you put me on your email list?

Yes! To be sent important email announcements about AREADNE 2024, please add yourself to the Google Group for Official AREADNE Announcements.

Can you give me a certificate of attendance?

Yes, if you attend the conference. Printed certificates of attendance will be issued at the conference, and electronic copies can be requested afterward from

Can I present a poster already shown somewhere else?

The AREADNE meetings are well-known as a forum where cutting-edge results are premiered, so we discourage the practice of presenting a poster already shown elsewhere. If you must re-use a poster, then at the very least it should be refreshed with your most recent updates and reprinted with AREADNE 2024 in place of previous conference names or session assignments.

Do you offer CME credit?

As the focus at AREADNE meetings is primarily scientific rather than medical, we do not offer CME credit.

Can my company have a booth at AREADNE 2024?

Our apologies, but the AREADNE Conferences do not include commercial presentations of any kind. We would be happy to welcome company representatives as non-presenting attendees, space permitting. If your organization is interested in a sponsorship opportunity, please contact the conference co-chairs at

Can I bring a guest to some of the events?

Guests are free to join the Welcome Reception. Reasonably-priced tickets are available to bring guests to the Gala Banquet at the end of the meeting (tickets can be purchased during on-line registration). Space permitting, guests can attend the optional excursions for free. Lunches and coffee breaks are intended to be primarily scientific, and are an important part of the AREADNE experience, so we regret that guests are not included.

Who are your sponsors?

We have enjoyed the generosity and support of a wide range of institutions, companies and foundations over the years, including the United States National Institutes of Health, the United States National Science Foundation, the NIMA Foundation, the Burroughs-Wellcome Fund, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, Simons Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, Foley and Lardner LLP, University of Chicago, Massachusetts General Hospital, the William M. Wood Foundation, and private donors. These individuals and institutions have been a critically important part of making AREADNE Conferences possible. We are deeply grateful for their support, without which the AREADNE Conferences could not have happened.

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