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Research in Encoding And Decoding of
Neural Ensembles

Eliopoulos Conference Center
Milos, Greece
25–29 June 2024
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Restaurant Information

Greeks normally eat their evening meal quite late, with restaurants being busiest between 10pm and midnight. The largest meal of the day is often lunch, leading quite naturally to the habitual afternoon nap followed by the late afternoon coffee. At the conference, we will be providing lunch at the end of the first session, and a late afternoon snack with the second session. Tipping at restaurants is not expected, as the cost of service is normally included in the price of the meal.


O! Hamos!
tel +30-2286-036422
near the Eliopoulos Conference Center, traditional Greek food, approx. EUR 25 per person

Akri -- bar
Vipera Lebetina -- bar
Let's Meat -- restaurant
Anezina -- cafe
Marianna -- restaurant
Kynigos -- restuarant
Gyros of Milos -- restaurant
Tsakanos Proton -- supermarket
Navagio -- restaurant on the waterfront
micros Apoflous -- restaurant on the waterfront
Vamvounis -- supermarket


More information to come.


More information to come.


tel +30-2287-023670
fresh fish, approx. EUR 40 per person
the wait to be seated can be substantial

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