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Santorini, Greece
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The AREADNE Conferences form a series of biennial scientific meetings on neural ensembles. The meetings use a single-track, limited-attendance format that emphasizes interaction and discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. Talks are by invitation, while peer-reviewed posters are accepted from any of a wide array of fields as long as they include work on neural ensemble activity. Responses from attendees to our meetings are overwhelmingly positive, praising the extremely high quality of presentations and organizational attention to detail. Pages specific to each of the previous meetings can be found below along with a preview of the upcoming meeting.

We are currently working on fundraising and organization for the next session, tentatively to be held 20-24 June 2016. Please contact the organizers at with any questions or suggestions.

There is an AREADNE Conferences Google Group for official announcements. Please add yourself to that group if you would like to receive email when there is a new posting.

  Photo Logo 2018 AREADNE 2018, tentative dates 20-24 June 2016
web site

  Photo Logo 2016 AREADNE 2016, 22-26 June 2016
web site  |  final scientific program (PDF)

  Photo Logo 2014 AREADNE 2014, 25-29 June 2014
web site  |  final scientific program (PDF)

  Photo Logo 2012 AREADNE 2012, 21-24 June 2012
web site  |  final scientific program (PDF)

  Photo Logo 2010 AREADNE 2010, 17-20 June 2010
web site  |  final scientific program (PDF)

  Photo Logo 2008 AREADNE 2008, 26-29 June 2008
web site  |  final scientific program (PDF)

  Photo Logo 2006 AREADNE 2006, 22-26 June 2006
web site  |  final scientific program (PDF)

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